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Fucking Victor Cody

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March 16, 2016

Josh Landau has dreamed about fucking Victor Cody for a long time. When Josh gets too drunk to drive, Victor offers his sofa up to Josh. Victor walks in to find josh laying there stripped to his underwear. Victor has a brief fetish and he moves right in on Josh in his white briefs.Victor takes his time and relishes licking, sucking, ripping and chewing josh's young smooth ass right out of them. Victor then bends Josh over and shoves his big raw cock deep in little joshes tight ass. Then Josh gets what he has always dreamed of and trades positions so Victor can take a good and solid bareback fucking from Josh. as he pounds his cock in and out of Victors hole he can no longer hold it and Victor lets loose a massive load all over the floor. For Josh, it is all too good to be true, until Victor wakes him from his dream.

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